Sample Remineralizing Tooth Powder 2 oz jar  Cinnamon Peppermint

Sample Remineralizing Tooth Powder 2 oz jar Cinnamon Peppermint

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Homestead Naturals Company Remineralizing Tooth Powder is a fine powder that is non-abrasive, all natural, and great for removing plaque as well as whitening!  Can you say fresh?  Fresh breath is a natural result of truly clean teeth! 

Because of the minerals in our Homestead Naturals Company tooth powder, not only is it non-abrasive but it will actually strengthen your tooth enamel and allow it to remineralize.  Why is this important?  As we age, just like the rest of our body oxidization and damage occurs to our teeth too, weakening the strength of the enamel and causing cracks and weakness in the tooth structure.  The unique formula with three different forms of clay draw impurities out of pockets and gum line where problems begin and whisks them away!

How would you like to fire your dentist?  With consistent use, you might be able to bypass everything but your annual exam!  How can I make that claim?  Because I started using this powder on my own teeth and I had the backside of a front lower tooth chip off years ago.  After using the tooth powder, not only did it remove all the plaque that had formed, but it has also healed the chipped tooth!  My teeth are whiter than ever before, breath remains fresh and my teeth are stronger.

Homestead Naturals Tooth Powder will drastically reduce and even eliminate sensitivity with consistent use.  My daughter once had terrible sensitivity and used only a commercial tooth paste made for sensitive teeth.  After using our tooth powder she no longer has sensitive teeth. Was it an overnight process?  No.  But after consistent use for a few more sensitivity.

Just run your toothbrush under some water and lightly dip in the powder, this will form a paste, then just brush your teeth as normal.  Don't worry if you swallow our powder, as it's completely safe for the digest tract.    

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, French Green Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Pink Himalayan Salt, Theraputic food grade peppermint and cinnamon essential oils for fresh flavor.